Lavender Hydrosol


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Lavender Hydrosol

Botanical name

Lavandula angustifolia

Botanical family

Labiatae or Lamiaceae



Method of extraction

Steam distillation


Lavender hydrosol is calming and cooling to body, mind, and sprit.

It is rightly famed for its regenerative effect on damaged or fragile skin.

Use Lavender hydrosol for calming sunburn, heat rash, sunstroke, rashes, bug bites, and itching, by its cooling and healing therapeutics.

Lavender is fabulous for use with babies from birth and can be added to the bath, used to clean the baby’s bottom, or combined with chamomile for diaper rash.

Use it in colonics to soothe irritated bowel.


Topical use as a toner, compress or in a mask on mature skin;

Spray and moisten the hair;

Use it daily as a makeup remover and cleanser, applied with a cotton ball, add it to masks with oatmeal for a nondrying deep cleanse;

Dilution under 10%, use to wash baby’s butt for eczema, or use for a baby bath;

Sock the pure cotton non-woven fabrics into Lavender hydrosol, put in a clean plastic bag as wet wipes for baby;

Spray skin both before and after shaving or hair removal to reduce inflammation;


Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store away from direct sunlight, keep in a dry, cool place.

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