Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Botanical name

Melaleuca alternifolia

Botanical family




Method of extraction

Steam distillation

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of tea tree is reported as follows:

  • α-pinene             2.1%
  • β-pinene             0.4%
  • sabinene             0.2%
  • myrcene              0.4%
  • α-phellandrene         0.8%
  • α-terpinene            7.1%
  • limonene              1.4%
  • 1.8-cineole           3.0%
  • γ-terpinene            15.7%
  • ρ-cymene             6.2%
  • terpinolene            3.4%
  • linalool                0.2%
  • terpinen-4-ol           45.4%
  • α-terpineol              5.3%


Spiritual & Mind

The warm, fresh spicy scent of tea tree is invigorating and balancing

Uplifting the spirit and building confidence


Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, virus and fungi;

Recommended for the treatment of thrush, vaginitis, cystitis and pruritis;

Immune system stimulant;

Fight most common respiratory infections;

Soothes the irritation and nervous cough reactions linked to the inflammation

Skin care

Tea tree is recommended for the treatment of acne, athlete’s foot, blisters, burns, cold sores, dandruff, herpes, insect bites, oily skin rashes, verrucae, warts and wounds.


Add a few drops in a diffuser, oil burner, vaporiser , potpourri, massage oil or bath, skin creams or base;

Using a small amount applied directly onto acne, impetigo or fungal infections such as tinea and viral infections such as cold sores;

Treating wart, by placing a single drop of neat tea tree oil on the centre of the wart every day and covering it with plaster


Avoid contact with the eyes. Suggest not to be taken, for special treatment needs follow to your professional therapist.
Keep out of reach of children.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml, Five Essential Oils Pack


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